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About Us

The story of BEROF Skincare started as an enduring passion for “Skincare by Dermatologist”.

BEROF Skincare is a successor corporation of Pendy Paul Cosmetics, Thailand established in 2004. During the following years, we researched, developed, and successfully launched several ranges of Skincare and Cosmeceuticals.

Dr. Muhammad Awais Arif from Pakistan and Dr. Penparadee Jorphocha-udom from Thailand are board certified Dermatologists. They are experienced in the fields of Dermatology, Aesthetics and Anti-aging. During their everyday dermatology practice, they meet with number of patients having Acne, Melasma, Facial Hyperpigmentation (dark spots, freckles), Sensitive, Irritated and Damaged skin due to external use of hazardous whitening chemicals.

The major reason of these dermatological conditions is inadequate information regarding skin concerns and lack of access to good quality skincare products. Thus, the patients end up buying hazardous products which ultimately damage their skin. The main objective of BEROF Skincare is to provide the best quality skincare products in accordance with international standards.

Over the period of time the excellent efficacy, best quality and safety profile of these skincare products spread by word of mouth, from patient to patient, intimate colleagues and other group of people.

To provide better access to all individuals who were in need, in 2017 we launched our products online and on social media with all information regarding product use, ingredients, benefits, precautions and 24/7 consultation helpline. This step to provide best quality skincare at the doorstep got huge appreciation and the products became popular in a very short period. In the same year, we launched our products at several internationally renowned medical & department stores and modern trades.

Our products are exclusive and unique. We are against the use of hazardous substances of all kinds. The products are dermatologically tested and safe for every skin type especially for the sensitive skin. The results are based on true medical principles under reasonable period. There are no side effects of these products, even after using continuously for a long period.

We have a clear goal to serve “Best quality skincare” to help more people discover and enjoy healthy skin. Building upon our skincare excellence, we are proud of our innovations and determined to keep on exploring scientific solutions to every skin concern.